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Keston & Keston is an innovative concept in children’s casting, production and management.

Their specialism lies in a high end casting service and is tailored for producers needs and budgets. Keston & Keston has a wide range of experience in open casting calls, closed casting calls, press calls, licensing, administration and full management.Delivery of service is complete and stress free with an emphasis on quality; from the initial meet with producers to the closing night, Keston & Keston work with you to maximise the success and handling of any production.

Identical twins Emily & L-J Keston offer casting along with a “mix and match” service of administration, licensing, accommodation, 24/7 “concierge” service, mentoring, sourcing venues for rehearsals & castings and tutoring which is suitable for national & international projects in theatre, television & film. Their iOS app is available for download on the App Store and the launch of the first ever casting app marks the next generation of kids casting which is accessible for all.


Keston & Keston’s academic background in Law, Journalism combines to offer producers safeguarding, legal and creative solutions. Keston & Keston have been working successfully together within the children's theatrical sector for a number of years with talent centres around the UK finding thousands of regional talented children each year. They have now turned their attention to child casting & production with an emphasis on a first class delivery from start to finish.